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Remove Bad Breath In Cats

Remove Bad Breath In Cats

Given how elegant they are, and how much they are dedicated to keeping themselves clean and tidy, cats are not immune to cat’s mouth smells. Rather, it is perfectly common for cats. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a common occurrence for cats, and can also affect housecats if their dental health is avoided for a while.

Almost 70% of the feline population suffer from bad oral health at points in their lives. While bad breath can include mild odour which does not require any immediate professional help, feline halitosis can also evolve to extreme cases where the smell becomes unbearable, making it necessary to visit a veterinarian for help. This article is a quick guide on the possible reasons to why my cat has bad breath and cat bad breath remedy.

Why does my cat have bad breath?

Wondering why my cat’s breath stinks? Bad breath in cats is a common issue that most cat parents wondering how to get rid of bad breath in cats want to be addressed. While having bad breath might sound awful, it is not always worth the concern and can be normal for our feline buddies. However, if bad breath bothers you as a cat parent, it can be a good idea to be aware of the possible reasons that cause a smelly cat mouth and help your cat overcome this issue. There can be several reasons behind your kitty having foul breath, but the most prominent reasons include:

  • Oral causes:

    Bad breath or halitosis is primarily a result of oral causes, which might range from ignored dental health, oral diseases like gingivitis, tartar and plaque build-up, or even when your furry little friend has consumed something stinky or rotten. An overpowering or offensively bad cat breath can require professional help.

  • Systemic causes:

    In addition to oral causes, cat’s mouth smells are also often caused by systemic reasons, such as feline diseases. Deteriorating physical health, as well as medical conditions like feline diabetes, ulcers and sores, infections and indigestion, can also contribute to foul breath in cats.

Causes of bad breath in cats -

Since bad breath cats can be caused by both oral and systemic reasons, knowing about the possible causative factors can prove beneficial when it comes to smelly cat mouth treatment and help you understand how to get rid of cat bad breath. So, mentioned below are the common causes that might lead you to think why my cat has bad breath?

  1. Poor diet

    Minor smelly cat mouth is normal for cats and is often caused by their natural diet of flesh and meat. However, ingesting potentially harmful food, such as raw or rotting meat can give cats a terrible breath, as well as contain bacteria like salmonella, which can cause severe health issues. Food sticking to a cat’s teeth can also decompose, giving off a foul smell. So, if you are wondering how to get rid of bad breath in cats, remember to feed your cat good quality home-cooked food or premium cat food like Sheba to avoid any bad breath in your kitty.

  2. Gingivitis

    Gingivitis is one of the leading causes of smelly cat’s mouth. Although not all cats suffer from gingivitis, senior cats are more prone to gingivitis than others, which can lead to swollen gums, tartar and plaque accumulation, and even bleeding. If left unchecked for significantly longer times, gingivitis can attract bacteria, forming an unpleasant layer over the teeth, as well as causing a foul smell. Gingivitis in cats needs to be treated at the earliest, or it can worsen, causing other health issues.

  3. Periodontal disease

    Like gingivitis, ignored oral health also leads to periodontal disease in cats, which can cause poor breath. Gingivitis, if left untreated for a long time, can lead to chronic periodontal disease, and result in a hardened plaque accumulation over your furry feline’s teeth and gum tissues. Treating periodontal disease is considerably challenging, and can also lead to a cat’s mouth smelling, attracting other bacterial infections over time.

  4. Gastrointestinal issues

    Various gastrointestinal diseases are responsible causes of smelly cat’s mouths and making cat parents question how to get rid of cat bad breath. Gastrointestinal diseases caused by ingesting infected food or faecal matter can also be a potential reason behind bad breath. If your cat has a tendency of eating non-food items, also known as pica, it can cause frequent indigestion, resulting in a smelly cat mouth, and might require professional attention for proper diagnosis and treatment for how to get rid of cat bad breath.

  5. Stomatitis

    Stomatitis is a condition commonly observed in furries and is caused due to any inflammation of an area, or the entirety of your feline buddy's oral cavity. Severe and uncomfortable as stomatitis is, it can also result in extremely bad cat’s mouth smells, as well as bacterial infections. Stomatitis is often caused by bacterial action in the mouth and requires urgent professional care to be treated properly. If your cat is suffering from stomatitis, anti-inflammation medications and chlorhexidine gels can help ease the swelling and improve your feline munchkin’s breath.

  6. Kidney disease

    Kidney disease in cats can be a potential reason behind bad breath cats, though rare. Acute kidney failure can leave your furry feline dehydrated, and cause oral ulcers, resulting in bad breath. Cats suffering from chronic kidney diseases are also known to have bad breath as it results in frequent vomiting and weight loss. If you suspect cat bad breath in your kitty is a result of kidney disease, looking for an immediate professional consultation can be really wise and helpful for your cat’s health.

  7. Diabetes

    Feline diabetes is also commonly attributed to bad breath cat, due to the metabolic dysfunctions associated with it. Cats suffering from diabetes often have a distinct fruity breath, which is a positive indicator that they need some professional health to avoid their blood sugar level from worsening. In addition to the unnatural breath that might cause you to wonder why my cat’s breath stinks, cats suffering from diabetes also display symptoms like increased appetite, frequent weight loss and urination.

  8. Liver diseases

    Feline liver diseases are also one of the major causes of smelly cat’s mouth, as they can cause indigestion in cats, often resulting in frequent vomiting, which leaves a foul stench. Other than cat bad breath, liver disease is also known to result in yellowing of the teeth and gums, reduced immunity to diseases, poor appetite, lethargy, as well as frequent indigestion, vomiting and diarrhoea. Your feline little furry friend must be taken to a veterinarian immediately if you suspect liver disease from its bad breath.

Ways to remove bad breath in cats

Here are some ways for cat parents to get rid of their kitty’s bad breath:

  • Brush your cat's teeth

    Brushing your kitty’s teeth is an excellent way of getting rid of bad breath and keeping away other dental issues.

  • Use the cat water additive

    Cat water additives come in different flavours and can help get rid of mild bad breath.

  • Dental treats and chew toys

    Dental treats and chew toys contain flavoured agents that can overcome stinky breath in no time!

  • Good quality diet

    Making sure your feline friend is on a good quality diet consisting of Sheba’s premium cat food and home-cooked meals can help get rid of halitosis.

  • Visiting the vet regularly

    Halitosis or bad breath in cats is also caused by diseases like diabetes, indigestion, kidney and liver diseases, and cancer. So, visiting a vet is a must to ensure the bad breath is not caused by anything sinister.


While foul cat breath can be off-putting, cats are supposed to have a neutral-smelling breath, as it indicates good oral health. As long as your furry munchkin has a mildly smelly breath, there is no reason to be alarmed, as it is likely caused by their natural diet. However, if your cat’s breath is putrid, it might be a reason for concern that requires professional help, since oral diseases are the most prominent reason for a cat's sore mouth to smell bad. Consulting professional help in cases like terrible breath can also help your furry munchkin as bad oral health can directly affect their overall health, often risking their normal lifestyle. If you are also worried that your cat has smelly mouth, switching to Sheba’s premium cat food and cat treats can also help you rid of the stench and ensure your feline buddy is well-fed and hydrated.


  • Can I treat my cat's bad breath at home?

    The most efficient way to combat cat bad breaths is to brush their teeth. Brushing your kitty’s teeth can help get rid of food particles stuck to their teeth which would otherwise decompose and stink, resulting in bad cat breath.

  • How do I know if my cat’s bad breath is a problem?

    Why my cat’s breath stinks is a common question for cat parents. It is normal for cats’ sore mouths to smell bad as their diet primarily consists of meat. However, if your cat’s breath is particularly strong and putrid, it might indicate conditions like halitosis, which requires professional treatment to cure.

  • Is it okay for my cat’s breath to smell?

    It is normal for a cat’s breath to smell. Since cats are carnivores, their diet primarily consists of meat, which can stick to their teeth and give off a foul odour. However, consistent bad breath might be a reason for concern.

  • Can cat food cause bad breath?

    Sticky cat treats and wet cat food can stick to the teeth after eating and decompose, resulting in bad breath. You can avoid this by feeding your furry feline a mixture of wet and dry premium cat food from Sheba.

  • How can I clean my cat’s teeth naturally?

    You can clean your kitty’s teeth at home by brushing with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste designed for feline use. Not only does this keep away bad breath, but it also keeps oral conditions like gingivitis and periodontal disease at bay.

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