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Our Commitments To Sustainable Development

We make nutritious and delicious food that your cats love, but we don't stop there. Discover our actions to create more sustainable and hopeful future.

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The coral reef of our planet is in danger. If nothing is done, this vital ecosystem could disappear forever. But there is hope.
We have launched the world's largest coral reef restoration program to preserve and restore the beauty of our oceans. Now you can contribute too.

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Coral Reef Restoration

For over a decade, Mars Sustainable Solutions (MSS), in partnership with local communities, scientists, businesses, NGOs and governments, has been developing and implementing a simple, community-led solution to help restore damaged coral reefs globally. This solution, referred to as MARRS (Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System) is a holistic approach to reef restoration and is centred around a hexagonal steel structure called the Reef Star. Working in teams, Reef Stars are deployed in extensive webs to stabilise loose dead coral and provide a platform for coral to grow.

Over time, the coral completely overgrows and engulfs the Reef Stars, which become fully integrated into the reef structure. This creates new habitats for fish and invertebrates and encourages the settlement of additional native corals. As natural ecological processes kick back into motion, the whole reef comes back to life. At its most effective, the MARRS method can transform heavily degraded coral rubble fields into healthy, vibrant, coral-dominated ecosystems within a few years, with coral cover increasing from <5% to>70%.

How can I contribute?

You can participate in the world’s largest coral reef restoration project by purchasing Sheba in Giant and Lazada Malaysia. RM 0.50 from every purchase of 1 pcs of Sheba Pouch/Can/Melty (any variant) will be donated to Coral Reef Restoration in Bontosua Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Above donation is valid at Giant Malaysia and Lazada Malaysia between 14 Aug 2023 and 12 Nov 2023 and will be utilized to purchase Reef Stars to be planted in Bontosua Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Donations are capped at RM 15,000 across participating Giant stores nationally and at RM 7,500 in Lazada Malaysia (Whiskas Official Store Online).

Sustainable Fishing: Preserving Resources For Future Generations

Offering our feline friends delicious food with integrity, both through responsible sourcing of the finest raw materials and through our manufacturing process, is a priority for Sheba. We believe that truly gorgeous food, comes not just from expert preparation but from select ingredients that are sourced with care. To support us in our sustainable development aims, we have partnered with the Marine Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organisation recognising and rewarding efforts to protect oceans and safeguard seafood

supplies for the future. When you see the MSC blue fish label on Sheba products you can be confident that all the fish in it has come from a traceable, sustainable source.

Sustainable Fish On The Sheba Menu

Currently 83%* of Sheba fish recipes hold the blue MSC label. And this is only a first step: SHEBA® is committed to 100% sustainably sourced fish. This means exquisite, sustainable cat food that you and even your most discerning cat companion can feel good enjoying.


*% of Sheba fish products in Europe that carry the MSC logo

When you see the MSC blue fish label on a product you can be confident that it is:

From a certified sustainable source - Each MSC certified fishery has been independently assessed on its specific impacts to wild fish populations and the ecosystems they're part of.

Handled with care - All along the supply chain, from ocean to plate, MSC certified fish and seafood is separated from non-certified. It is clearly labelled so it can be traced to a certified sustainable fishery.

Trustworthy - Regular DNA testing has shown that MSC labelled products are correctly labelled. So, you can trust that the fish is what its packaging or menu says it is.

Credible - For over 20 years MSC have worked with scientists, fisheries, seafood producers and brands to develop their standards and promote sustainable fishing. The MSC is recognised by both the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

Mars Fish Sustainability

Seafood is an important part of the diet of many pets and people worldwide. At Mars, we’re committed to researching and implementing more and more sustainable practices for sourcing this valuable resource so that we can continue to offer our products that contain fish in a way that is healthy for people, pets and the environment.

Mars “sustainable In a Generation” Plan

The world is facing significant challenges. Poverty, water stress, climate change, and other social and environmental issues are holding back the potential of people, communities and business. Learn about how Mars is approaching addressing these challenges.

Mars Petcare Sustainability Credentials

At Mars, we are responsible for ensuring that our actions contribute to a more sustainable society, on a local and global level. That is why we are working to make a positive impact across all of our petcare brands.


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