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Guide To Sleeping With Your Cat

Guide To Sleeping With Your Cat

While most feline fur kiddos prefer having a personal space, rarely do these adorable fur babies shy away from sleeping with their owners in bed. This often raises questions like whether sleeping with the cat is unsanitary or healthy.

Having your cat sleeping at feet is an adorable gesture that allows you to bond with your munchkin, but letting them sleep in their own space also gives more independence and agency to your kitty.

Although there might be some potential risks to sleeping with your cats, this article lets you examine the upsides and downsides of letting your sleeping cat in your bed, as well as the answer to why does my cat sleep next to me so that you can make an informed decision.

Why Cats Sleep With You

Wondering why does my cat sleep next to me? Before moving on to the advantages and downsides of sleeping with your cats or having your cat sleeping next to your feet, it is important to know why does my cat sleep next to me.

The decision to sleep with their humans can vary from one cat sleeping to the other. So why does my cat sleep next to me? Cats might want to sleep with their owners when they feel affectionate. Sleeping cats may want to lie down next to their humans in bed since they like the warmth. The cat sleeping with their owners might also be to 'claim' them. Some cats feel secure next to their owner while they sleep.

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Cat

  • It provides a calming effect

    Sleeping with cats helps keep away depression and anxiety, helping you to feel secure and have a calming effect while cat sleeps beside you.

  • It relieves stress

    Sleeping with cat is known to alleviate stress. Scientific research suggests cat owners with cat sleeping beside them are likely to have an improved psychological health and positive emotions.

  • It promotes bonding with your pet

    Sleeping with your cat is a way to bond with them as it helps both to feel secure and comforted.

  • It can help you fall asleep faster

    The frequency and vibrations of cat sleeping purr are noted for their healing and calming effects, promoting deep sleep when cat sleeping beside me.

Downsides of Sleeping With Your Cat

  • It can disrupt your sleep

    Cat sleeping beside me might get up to change their posture throughout the night, interrupting your sleep in the process.

  • It exposes you to litter box debris

    No matter how clean cats keep themselves, they may carry trace amounts of litter box debris in their paw pads, exposing you to the risks of infections when cat sleeping beside me. 

  • They are hard to evict

    It is difficult to evict sleeping cat once you start to sleep with cat.

  • You could be exposed to parasites and fungal infections

    If your cat goes outdoors, they might carry parasites such as fleas, mites, roundworms, and hookworms, exposing you while sleeping with your cats.

Tips for Getting Better Sleep With Your Cat

  • Clean your cat's fur regularly.
  • Make sure your cat is active during the day.
  • Keep your door closed.
  • Have a play session before their dinner.
  • Be mindful of changes in your cat's routine.


Whether you should sleep with cat is a decision you should carefully making after considering all the potential benefits and disadvantages. While cats are known for helping owners fall asleep faster and alleviate stress, cats are also light sleepers who might interrupt your sleep throughout the night, or increase your risks of exposure to fungal or bacterial infections. 

However, if your cat does want to get in the bed or if you sleep with cat next to you, it can get difficult to say no to that adorably chubby face. So, to let a cat sleep in your bed is ultimately the owner's decision.


  • Is it OK to sleep with my cat?

    Sleeping with your cats has its fair share of advantages and downsides. Most cats enjoy sleeping with their owners, as it makes them feel warm and secure. However, whether you should sleep with cat is ultimately a personal choice.

  • Do cats like sleeping with their owners?

    It would be wrong to assume all cats love sleeping with their humans. These furry felines are extremely moody, and the cat keeps sleeping with their owner if they are feeling affectionate and might move away if they feel smothered.

  • Why does my cat make me sleepy?

    Wondering why does my cat sleep next to me? Sleeping with your cats can make you feel relaxed and content, allowing you to sleep better. Additionally, our felines are known to prevent depression and alleviate anxiety and stress, which can make you feel asleep faster if you are sleeping with the cat.

  • What are the benefits of sleeping with a cat?

    Sleeping with your cats can have some awesome benefits! Not only does sleep with cat help with anxiety and stress, it also allows better bonding, and provide a calming effect and better sleep with the cat sleeping at feet.

  • Is it good if a cat sleeps next to you?

    There are amazing benefits if the cat keeps sleeping next to you. Not only does sleeping with your cats indicate the highest degree of trust and understanding between the sleeping cat and owner, it allows them to bond faster, relieves stress, and sleep better.

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